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Lonely man getting on plane.


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Well little guinea pigs this has been fun. Stress testing this little old site has certainly lightened up my stay here in the May Fair neighborhood of this great city of Londinium. I was born down the road in Chelsea but now reside in the US, live in San Diego actually and work in Silicon Valley, funding net start ups and i dabble a little in apps. I'm 46 with dark hair and reasonably well presented. To those of you that engaged with me I thank you and for those that took offence I apologise, but not wholeheartedly. One day you Brits will be able to see clearly beyond your noses and understand that gaining your attention is not the be all and all of life. That ended with the fall of the Raj. Until that day comes, adieu and please keep prodding that keyboard, keeps us all afloat over the pond. Hurrah

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