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Convenience store Cunts


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What is it with these fuckwit cunts who do a weekly shop in a corner store? E.G. The bloated, dyed blond munter cuntess type who always seems to hog the one checkout that's manned? Usually sporting shit tattoos, earrings the size of bike wheels, a ring on every finger and enough tat bracelets and bangles to fill a skip. As if it's going to make them more attractive, like putting a Tiara on a fucking pig. Cunts never have cash, always want to pay by a card that that they know will be rejected. Card has to be retrieved from a fake purse, inside a fake handbag inside a shopping bag full of crap. Then its "Oo I forgot, give us 20 B+H, 2 scratch cards and a top up for the lecky" No please or thank you, fucking ignorant heffer. Totally oblivious to the 10 deep queue of cunts like me who only want a pint of milk. These Fuckers should be a fucking zoo with people throwing buns to them.

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