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Bernard Ingham


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A socialist who became Thatcher's chief press secretary. So whatever your political affiliation this cunt has covered the spectrum. A Northerner who became a Tory. So whatever your geographical bias, this cunt has covered the spectrum. An ex-journalist. He thought Hillsborough was caused by a "tanked up mob" and the grieving families should "shut up about Hillsborough". In a rare move for me I'm nominating the horrible cunt for aesthetic reasons. A mono-brow is one thing, but this rancid old cunt appears to have super-glued Arthur Scargill's hair to his ears and his luxuriant eye-brows, in some sort of Native American scalping frenzy. And if any of you cunts can upload a photo of this shit eating mouthed cunt with a genuine smile on his fat face your a better cunt than me.

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