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15/4/89 verse 1/6/16


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Ok, the first should be fairly easy. It's drummed into our consciousness on a regular basis, the scaled up version of Maddy Mcann, the tragedy that just won't go away and keeps on giving, it is of course, The Hillsborough Disaster. This years anniversary is a special one. This is the first one since the conclusion of the police corruption enquiry. Next one will be special too, that will be the 25th anniversary or silver as it should be known because, God knows, these people are banding together in some kind of unholy matrimony. The one after that? they may have to contrive something else to mark that one as special but I'm sure they will, somehow. We have now reached a stage where there are young 20 somethings making the line up of angry faces and these sorry characters were not even born when it happened. This is misplaced righteous anger passed on from the previous generation who cannot or will not let go and move on. How about the second date then? a bit harder, I suspect. That was the first day of the battle of the Somme when a staggering 19240 British soldiers were killed, that's 19144 more than were lost at Hillsborough. This doesn't have it's own unique celebration, it has to be marked along with the other wartime tragedies in a far more dignified fashion. Its called remembrance Sunday.

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