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Olympus Has Fallen And Murderous Grannies.


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To use an American saying, I don't really give a flying fuck at the moon about this new and upcoming movie called "Olympus Has Fallen". I do find the title and the "Muse" behind the title worrying though. Olympus turns out to be the code-name for the Whitehouse. Olympus being the home of the gods makes this association a little bit disturbing for me. Do Americans really see themselves as a nation of angels governed by a god? Of course they do! they are a bunch of egotistical fat maniacs. Americans not really being on the same wavelength as the rest of the world has been highlighted in another way tonight! Sandra Layne, aged 75 has been given a minimum sentence of 20 years for killing her grandson plus an additional mandatory 2 years for using a gun to do it. The fact that she has already passed her "Three Score And Ten" life expectancy and is on the "pushing up daisies" waiting list seems to be lost on them. Will she miraculously make it out alive aged 97? I suppose she could always ask the god at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to bestow a favour

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