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Sportsmen who Bite


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That dirty filthy Suarez back in the news again for trying to take a chunk out of a chelsea players arm...but wait this isnt an isolated incident, he did it again to a PSV Eindhoven player when he was at Ajax. mind you he isnt the only one, Mike Tyson did it to Evander Hollyfield ie Half his ear, Rugby Player Johan la Roux did it too...Dylan Hartly, another Rugby Player, and then football again for Jermaine Defoe. In most cases the punishment was severe, so what for Suarez? Well anger management has been cited but what else , a few games suspended then what, the trogladyte savage will be free to be let loose to do it again. Lets face it this is assault and therefore a criminal offence irrespective that its on a football pitch. Him and his ilk should be banned from their respective sports indefinately. Its an ugly and disgusting trend thats creeping into sport to win or get an advantage at all costs. One other thing the cunts been called a flawed genius, does that make it more acceptible to allow such behaviour, well looking at some of the comments in the press it does but then at the last moment backtracking when these people realise the full gravity of what they have said. Whats your take on this fellow Cunts?

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