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Unsurpassed Cunts


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A comment related to Cosmic ordering by Ollyboro about Noel Edmunds being an unsurpassed cunt has me considering the various categories of cunts. Edmunds is without doubt a cunt but could not be in the same category as Linda Doran, the baby P killers and the Philpott cohort for example. To that list you may wish to add Michelle Mills and Edward Miller. You can get the full story from the BBC website but in short she stabbed him 24 times following a history of violence and abuse from him. Apart from him being a cunt she says she has no clear memory of what happened as she was abused as a child and had also been taken by aliens. I don't know where the truth lies but there will certainly be several cunts of the highest order involved. Him just for being a cunt, her for putting up with it and no end of others in their miserable fucking lives who did not weed them out at an earlier stage. How do these fuckers get together and why do they stay together. Because they are fuckpig cunts of the highest genre that deserve a class of their own on CC.

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