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That all day Friday consultation workshop a long way from home


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Why?... Let me tell you. Because you are told about it the day before, you have to cancel everything for the next day. You have no time to read the briefing papers which anyway are half a dozen in number and are each 100 pages plus long. You drive an hour to get there. Park in an expensive car park. walk round and round until you find the fucking building. Sit with twenty people you have never seen before consisting of fifteen intense and sour middle aged women who are each vying for the title of gobby bore of the year, four computer nerds and a raging sausager who is chairing and leading. So, we Pushed the envelope , explored analysis methodology, discussed headline requirements, created competitive dialogue, envisaged lock down situations,ran up the hill shouting...kicked the tyres of user requirements and fed the beast. by midday I wanted to throw myself out of the twelfth floor window. At 4:20 the pooftah asked...any last questions? one of the gobbers leaned forward and as she did so caught my eye... my face must have said everything...she dried up. I got home at Six....fucking hell, what an utter cunt of a day!

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