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Young Drivers


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Perhaps i should have said young MALE drivers. Fucking drugged up pissed up cunts, roaring around like F1 drivers, shouting abuse at pedestrians, fucking wanky "music" blaring out of their ever open windows, phones permanently clamped to their be-ringed tattooed earholes. Total CUNTS! One of these bastards nearly had me tonight. Turning right at the lights the cunt tried to sneak between me and a bus. I ended up with my left knee trapped against his wing and beautiful Harley leaned way over to the right with nowhere to go. Fucking cunt had earrings and tattoos all up his scrawny neck. No doubt thought he was hard but shat himself when i looked him in the face and shouted " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNT!" I expect if his mates were with him they would have got out and given me a kicking but all he could do was back up and apologise. No wonder these cunts have sky high insurance premiums although i doubt if this chav cocksucker has even heard of insurance. i suppose i got lucky really. Fucking bastards all of them!

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