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Ronnie O'Sullivan


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Quite the Cunt this chap, and pushes Phil Taylor into second place on my all time 'most cuntish' list. Despite being blesses with a magnificent talent, he seems to harvest more joy out of being an attention seeking walloper. After coming out of retirement for the 9th time to win the world championship in 2013, much to the delight of the pathetic Beeb team, I decided not to devote another minute of valuable tv viewing time on snooker. He has spoiled it for me. He is an illiterate, unsporting manchild with every bit of the cunt about him. Th only people worse are his brown nosers at the Beeb and his legions of fannyboy fans, with their 'go on Ronnie' every 3 seconds. Bet his ringtone sounds that out , cunty fuck. I remember once be complained to the ref that a fan kept shouting out for John Higgins , yet the other 459 in the audience were shouting out for him. Thankfully the super Scot smacked him about that day. I'd gladly take a shit in this cunts kettle.

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