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Wimbledon loser cunts


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So all the big name twats are crashing out of Wimbledon this year. That lank haired closet poof Nadal, smug bellend Federer and shouty Sharapova have all been fucked in the arse--tennis wise at least. No sooner have they gone however than allegations are surfacing about the court at Wimbledon being slippery, badly maintained and basically, shit. Of course. These divs win everything all the time, so they can well afford to be magnanimous about it. The second they lose though, they piss and moan and blame everyone but themselves like fucking little babies. Fuck off you cunts. Just accept defeat gracefully and move on--back to your gigantic mansion filled with supermodels, high performance cars, cash and cocaine you lucky undeserving bastards. Yes i am jealous. Cunts.

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