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Greasing The Sainthood


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So the old Nazi pope put Wojtyla on a fast track to a sainthood and the vatican quickly approved a miracle. French nun Sister Marie Simon-Pierre miraculously recovered from Parkinsons disease after praying for his intercession. There are doubts that she ever actually had the disease but maybe we can sweep them under the rug. Enter Pope Jim Bowen and a mad Costa Rican woman who takes messages from wall posters. Bully's special prize was an unprecedented cure for a brain aneurysm. Fingers crossed that it isn't a case of misdiagnosis from a third world quack with no access to an MRI scanner. The Catholics have not had a saint for a few years now and with a bit of luck this latest entry will hopefully get people back into the fold. Of course, the old proddy haters will overlook the Wojtyla papacy being dogged by clerical sex abuse and blindly follow dogma. That's not exactly unprecedented for them though so things are looking up.

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