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Shit for brains people who use nonsense words ending in "phobia"


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a phobia is an irrational fear of something. So words like "islamophobia" or "xenophobia" are simply terms of abuse used by ignorant twats against anyone who doesnt follow their politically correct agenda. For example, my personal distaste for the paedophile death cult that is islam, is based on an entirely rational hatred of both the avowed ambition at its heart to impose a worldwide caliphate, as well its vile manifestations where it is practised like stoning, throwing acid in girls faces for daring to go to school, old men "marrying" young girls, marrying close family members and producing large numbers of handicapped children, blowing people up on buses, etc. etc. Try reading some real books instead of the noddy book of socialist worker cliches you retarded cunts.

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