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The North South Divide. Part 4


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The working mans clubs of the north have been a proving ground for comedians throughout the UK. All the best ones that have made it onto TV have paid their dues in the norths club circuit. Yorkshire has provided the nation with more page three girls than any other county and that is a fact. Northern lasses just are better looking. So too is the countyside. The Derbyshire dales and beautiful but are left in the shadow of the Yorkshire dales. Then we have the peak district and the Stunning lake district. Driving the Kirkstone pass through to Ullswater makes you feel like you are driving over the roof of the world. Wales brings Snowdonia to the table and that is epically beautiful. Where Kirkstone pass elevates you, Llanberis pass drives you down the valley between Snowdon and another massive mountain and that makes you feel dwarfed and insignificant. Scotland brings it highlands and its lochs and the biggest mountain we have in Ben Nevis. ALL the best country is up north. The South.......... lets see. The White cliffs of Dover, congestion charging and fucking "Boris Bikes". Southern poofs.... you are being attacked by a fat Northern bastard. This is no time to resort to your standard siege protocol of hiding in a basement and cranking out shit like "Knees up mother Brown" and "Ave a banana"

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