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Drivers who can't keep up with speed limits


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Now I'm not condoning cunts that scream around at the speed of light just because they can and believe too much in their own abilities. They are annoying but a mere mild irritant compared to the monumental cunt aches that drive around at 26mph just because they think they are being safe. If I have to sit behind one more of these spunk bags doing 36 in a safe, dry 60mph zone I'm going to fucking explode. Or even worse when you have the standard issue Honda Jizz up front doing 40mph in a 60mph zone treating the road like a game of Snake then continuing to do 40mph through the 30mph zone. If you can't keep up with speed limits you're a cunt and shouldn't have a car, you're like a twat with a shotgun forcing people to overtake. GET FUCKED!

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