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Not Getting Your Turn


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It clearly states on page 9 of the Prime ministers handy pocket guide book, that every prime minister is entitled to have a little war. Tony had a cracking little war. Maggie enjoyed a war..... even the hair lipped John "grey will never go out of fashion" Major enjoyed a bit of a war in the Gulf. Now it's Dave's turn and he wants to try his hand at war. His mate over the pond is going to have one, the Whitehouse boys always do. When Dave got into power he would have opened the Prime ministers handy pocket guide book and got to page nine and read it with a sense of building excitement. Then he would have thought.... hang on a minute..... I've got four years at this minimum and the sand dwellers are always in turmoil so I've got plenty of time so lets not rush in and look too keen. In the two years since he got into power he's pissed everyone off from every cross section of society and now he's not convinced he'll get voted back in. Now would be a good time to have his turn at warmongering. Time to recall parliament and have an emergency meeting. Sadly for Dave, labour didn't really want a war, they'd had theirs when Toni was in power. Most of the democrats didn't know what the fuck they wanted (no change) and 39 rebel MP's didn't want to be tarred with the same brush that killed Blair off. The result? Dave can't have his war and you have no idea how much that is hurting his feelings.

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