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Women who don`t swallow.


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A wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that a depressingly low percentage of wives and female partners realise how important swallowing is for a mans emotional and physical wellbeing, the rest are selfish insensitive cunts. Personally, i would lay the blame for this, along with a sloppy attitude to housework, at the door of political correctness and the spread of the feminazi virus. Whatever the explanation, the situation can only be made worse by this report in this mornings newspapers which has doubtless been read by many gullible (how ironic) women: "A virus spread during oral sex is now the main cause of throat cancer in people under 50, scientists have warned. They say the human papilloma virus spread during unprotected sex is to blame for a disturbing rise in potentially deadly oral cancers in the last few decades." Should you wish to fight back against this vicious propaganda you might want to share this information with your partner, (also from this mornings newspapers) "Official guidelines for calorie intake have been set far too low, claim scientists. The current recommended calorie limit is 2,000 a day for a woman and 2,500 for a man. But research by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition is due to say that current recommendations underestimate how many calories we burn off while walking, breathing and even sleeping. Their revised guidelines could increase this daily allowance by up to 16 per cent, the equivalent of 320 extra calories for women.. So a woman who currently sticks within the limits could safely eat another chocolate bar..." Oh, and most scientists are cunts as well.

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