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Pigeon racers


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One of the Norths strangest hobbies and Rotherham is chock full of the fuckers. We have two very prominent Pigeon breeders on our street. Several times a week these twats loose their flying shit machines on our skies and the turd strafing begins in earnest. Bad enough running from the car with piss stained jogging bottoms on without having to outrun a falling turd gauntlet to the front door. They have given me some satisfaction though.... Whilst taking the dog for a walk the other day I was stopped on the street by a "fuckin cockney" leering from his car window. see my cockney thread to gauge my displeasure at this event. This fuckin cockney asked if I knew where Mr Draycott lived! Before giving out this information I considered it my duty to make sure the "fuckin Cockney" was not a murderer, so I pretended to be an amiable "northerner" and got chatting to him. Turns out he was "up north" to buy a racing pigeon from Draycott who lived opposite me. He was paying 3 FUCKIN GRAND for it too. The pleasure it gives me to know we are exporting birds down to the homosexual south to start strafing your roofs and washing lines with shit is quite simply immeasurable. !laugh

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