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I believe that the site was created to an ideology it could not fulfil for the owner. Anathema in it's purest form. My own relationship with the site follows a similar path, as does cats (I really hope this nomination doesn't get pulled for that mention because Cat will understand what I mean by it and she may choose to rip me for this nom but she will certainly understand what I am getting at, where others may not) I have often needed breaks from this site to get myself grounded again. Cat calls them "sanity breaks" and I get that, I really do. CC is a game and it's not an easy one. I imagine it is hardest for the owners who's plaintive cries for us all to "just enjoy the site and stop arguing" have resonated though this place on more than one occasion. We've all got our own ideas of what this site means. These ideas differ and that is what keeps the site in a state of flux. I disagree with so many sides of this site that I would have to take my fucking socks off to count them, but that aside, I find the place irresistible. It's like catnip, it does me no good at all but I can't resist it. As I write this it's 02.58 AM and I've had a few pints of cheap Lidl cider. I am writing this as a "stream of conciousness" which is dangerous for a fucking hack like me when I am sober. I know the punctuation will be shite, I know the context will be skew whiff and I know that only a few will understand what I'm getting at and that some of those will dig in and give me a kicking for it. I know it's sentimental maudlin pap, but it may well be my version of the sites epitaph, and writing it sober and fault free would somehow not be fitting. I'll miss this place. P.s. You can guess what relevance the nomination picture has, if any at all. Rothers - maudlin cunt. November 2013 Copyright reserved.

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