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East Coast Weather Warning


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The BBC need to fuck off with their over zealous flood warnings that serve only to scare the shit out of people. I live at by the sea on the east coast and went out last night with video camera in hand expecting not to be able to get past the top of our road in Hornsea if you were to believe the hype these cunts put out. Yeah, the tide was high, yeah it splashed over the sea wall a bit more than usual, yeah a few people got splashed. So I drove to Bridlington, same story, a few people got splashed. "The river Hull will overflow" - nothing new, its always overflowing. So a few more people got splashed. My sister lives by the river, did her house float away?, no, daft cunts. So I've been awake all night with the phone going every half an hour with concerned family who have bought into this hype and worried that I might be in mortal danger. Storm my arse, I dont need an umbrella never mind a life boat. I need some fucking sleep. Cunts.

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