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Chinese Food


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Chinese food is a cunt , its as oily and greasy as a fucked oil filter, some of it looks like its already passed through some fat cunt a few hours before you got your hands on it. Its so full of sodium you could dump the inhabitants of sea world in a bowl of it and most of the aquatic cunts would live for days if not weeks , fuck I've never found a shark in my sweet and sour chicken but I'm sure its only a matter of time before one jumps out the fucking bowl and bites me on the fucking face. The cunting shit gives me the farts too. The fact is Chinese food should only be consumed by the fucking Chinese , I like the Chinese but it has to be said these cunts seem to be able to eat anything, I don't think there's an animal on this fucking planet that's not at some point in history gone down the oesophagus of some Chinese cunt, they must have a digestive system equal to a fucking crocodile.

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