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Elephant Seals are Cunts!


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Elephant Seals are really fucking gcunts. Elephant Seals can't walk. Instead, they flop about on the beach on shoogly flippers like obese, bug-eyed, crack-addled geometer larvae. And the male Elephant Seals have huge trunk-like proboscides - like short and stubby prehensile dicks! That is just the cuntiest thing I have ever seen. I would club an Elephant Seal to death. I really would. I would even eat an Elephant Seal - alive! Not only would I eat a living Elephant Seal, I would chew the tasty Elephant Seal tartare with my mouth wide open so everyone, including Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson, could see me eating and chewing the raw, blubbery Elephant Seal. Elephant Seals should fuck off and evolve already. Elephant Seals are massive, lumbering, fat slugs which fill me with nowt but shock, revulsion, anger and incredulity . And those people who like Elephant Seals must either have a few serious personal issues or are perhaps really pompous world-class d

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