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absent Space programs


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Every fucking government on the whole shitty planete must just love jerking of into a rag and inhaling it or something, either that or they are too busy being corrupt cunts and fucking around. For whatever fucking shitty reason average joes dont think about what is really fucking important just being a nice committed slave to the 1%. all of these cunts think they are free but they are just fucking dumb cunts. paying money to some cunt who just reinvests it. Into fucking big business, into jobless live-of-the-state-type-cuntos, into other countries economies or into their own fucking pockets. WHY IS THERE NO SPACE PROGRAM? nobody has the fucking insight to realise that we need to keep searching for new minerals and life, but no lets just have MORE FUCKING CHILDREN. lets GO ON HOLIDAY. lets celebrate religions that RAPE KIDS, MURDER INNOCENTS, EMBEZZLE MONEY, and of course WASTE TIME.

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