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used car dealers


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cream of the CUNTS these cunts are. dodgy little ferret faced slippery fucking arse holes. forever trying to wriggle out of warranty repairs, (which is why one uses them any way, other wise one would just buy a car privately, the warranty is what reflects the higher price, to give one peace of mind. mate of mine ran into a bit of bad luck few weeks ago as his van cambelt went and trashed his van, in a state of panic he rushed out to buy a cheapie just to get him to work, see an old jalopy advertised as '8 months tax and 8 months mot' he told me as he sat down to pay for the motor and do the paperwork, the little goatee bearded essex cunt of a car dealer said to him, 'do you want to buy the tax as well'? he said it stated it came with it1 to which he was just told 'oh no sir' he told them to get fucked. they are slimey wanking cunts.

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