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Todays music and film 'scene'


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Post 2000 the film and music industry seems to of taken a huge nose dive into a sea of bubbling festering dog shit. One could blame the internet and piracy but in reality all the great Hendrix's, Kubricks etc of our time are fucking dead as a dodo and no cunt seems capable of creating anything with substance and soul anymore. Its all about how to make a quick buck laden with explosions and ugly plastic boob job botox whores. Today its about who can reach the pinnacle of shit and represent sub-mediocrity proudly to all the lemmings of symmetry with pride while laughing all the way to the bank and avoiding a fucking kiss on the side of their cranium from a 50 calibre bullet travelling at 3400 feet per second from your truly. The genocide of art. Lets all enjoy the PG-13 Robocop remake and raise our glasses to progress.

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