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April Fools


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For some really fun April the 1st jokes why not pull a ladies or gentleman's pants down in M&S before laughing at them ''got you''. Or if you are a Doctor then convince a small child you have found some lumps over their body before giving a serious look to the parent/s ''bad luck mum & dad''. Or you could give your mate some Viagra a few hours before you and the lads go out on the pull, just make sure you wear a tight pink top and skinny jeans and end up in a gay bar ''gaaayy''. These are all great but I've saved the best till last, why not convince a frail and very elderly person that you are a long lost family member before gaining their trust and then getting them to rewrite the will they had ''my prostate hurts/wheres Linda my daughter/why do the nurses give me anti psychotics''. HA HA! what great jokes for this year

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