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Ponce Burgers


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To me burgers are something to be eaten in the street with fried onions and ketchup, no poncing about. By their very nature they are "fast food". Sitting in some restaurant with some poncy waiter serving you "gourmet burgers hand made with pure Scottish ground beef" is a load of bollocks. You can pile on all the lettuce, tomatoes,bacon, cheese or any shit you like, it ain't American and never will be. Why would i pay restaurant prices for a fucking burger? Do i look like a cunt? Give my compliments to the micro-wave. The best burgers in this country you get from those vans at the side of the road or the ones in tin foil at the football. Maybe it's got something to do with where you are and how you are feeling that makes them taste so much better. Mind you, Graham Norton probably says that each time he takes a fresh cock in his dirty mouth.

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