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Ford Cortina.

Guest ducunti

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I had that album. I remember having to hide it from the old man the day I bought it, because it had a monologue about benders and lesbanians on the back and didn't want him to think he'd spawned a goat-blowing backgammon player.
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I had a red Cortina Mk3 1600 GT and it was gorgeous. I left it overnight outside my local one night and as I retrieved it the next day, a bloke offered to buy it for more than I had paid. I told him I couldn't let it go and, like my Morris Marina, the fucker fell apart within five or six weeks. The exhaust fell off, the engine mountings fucked themselves, an inlet valve broke and fucked up one of the pistons and it was covered in dents where I had kicked six bales out of it. I sold the cunt for scrap.

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