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Jimmy Savile


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I was somewhat surprised that this archetypal paedo-cum-necrophile wasn't nominated on day one of the new Corner, but here he is now. For old time's sake I've dug out the original BBC news article from that wonderful day in 2011 when the vile old cunt snuffed it.




Among its many choice references, this pair of gems stood out for me:

Broadcaster Tony Blackburn said Sir Jimmy was embraced by everybody

Presenter Dave Lee Travis told Sky News: "We are all going to be worse off without him around."


If I knew where the cunt's grave was, I'd dance on it.

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Recent tv programme about "songs banned and not to be played" by the bbc said it all about the fucking sicko irony of it all when the place was rife with the massed ranks of these cunts and all they could worrry about was some sweary ooh err missus lyrics corrupting us all.
Simon Bates ..what a cunt.
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