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Cunts Corner Music Exchange V

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18 minutes ago, Weary&Disgusted said:

This one will probably go down like a led zeppelin, but here goes anyway.  

This train don't carry no gamblers


'Hobo Rockabilly' 

like a bastard hybrid of Woody Guthrie and Matchbox.

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1 hour ago, Mrs Roops said:

Mary Whitehouse

I knew she must be someone slightly infamous, since she was sharing video space with Joe Stalin.  Hardly seems fair to add the censorship queen into a rogues gallery with a mass murdering monster... Presumably done for comedy effect.  

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1 hour ago, Stubby Pecker said:

This music was not made by human lifeforms

The best - and indeed only - quote that anyone could find to adorn their Wikipedia entry was that they were "hailed in the 1990s as one of the top psychedelic trance projects to come out of Germany", according to the Sofia Echo. Talk about damning with faint (Bulgarian) praise.

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