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The Covid twins

camberwell gypsy

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59 minutes ago, Hammer of Cunts said:

Don't bank on it. The hard-of-thinking will do anything for a couple of paragraphs in their local rag.

I'm sure there'll be some publicity seeking mongs who will and come out with "We named him/her/them as a tribute to all the hard working NHS staff" and knowing the fucking gullible sheeple of the UK, will go "ah that's lovely that is". 

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I can’t say this surprises me at all. Have you seen the names that Jamie and Jools have given their revolting, self entitled brats? 

And this is a pair of cunts who have no need to humiliate their offspring for the rest of their lives just to draw attention to themselves. How much money do you need Jamie, you mong lipped, Essex boy, greedy fucking wanker?


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