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Goodbye free speech

Eric Cuntman

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6 hours ago, Ape™️ said:

What’s the issue with a black female President? 

Firstly, she's a politician by choice. Which makes her unsuitable for the role, as with anyone who actually gets into politics willingly. And secondly, she's heavily entrenched in the BLM movement. A racist, black supremacist organisation whose agenda is clearly directed at the marginalisation and persecution of white people. No better or worse than the white supremacists, but thanks to political correctness, allowed to operate with impunity. That's what the issue is. 

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1 hour ago, Old Chap Raasclaat said:

For someone who claims to be part Jewish to you seem weirdly comfortable with the new spastic (who was a racist cunt in the film 'Falling down')...could it be you've found an equally thick, mental, dreary cunt to 'converse' with? Fuck off, then let me know.

To me "jewish" is a dna result, however as I have said before I am ENGLISH.

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