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Cunts who run this country’s education system.

Dyslexic cnut

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27 minutes ago, Decimus said:

Nobody needs to scroll through your posts to get to the root of your ridiculously stupid hypocrisy. You've demonstrated time and again that you are in favour of The Leaderboard when it suits your own narrative, but you throw your dummy out of your scrap metal pram whenever it's not going your way.

As I said before, shut your fucking mouth when it comes to this subject as no one will take you seriously.

Shut up or Frank will come after you. And you know what a hard bastard is. 

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6 minutes ago, Arnold said:

I thought I would dip my toe to test the warmth and it's icy cold. You're all a bunch of bastards.

Good evening.

Where do you see yourself on here in five years?

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20 minutes ago, Frank said:

I'll tell you what, Arnold, nothing shouts 'council cake' louder than Kyren Wilson's face. Who do you fancy in the final this year?

Happily, I don't know Kyren Wilson. Is she a man?

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1 hour ago, Decimus said:

If someone as intelligent as you believes I have been able to manipulate dozens of strangers to "like" everything I post regardless of quality, perhaps you can explain how I've gone about it.

I've never said that, nor implied it. I don't object to likes per se, and they are as good a metric as any of whatever it is that likes actually measure, but when people wang on about them as an end in themselves that's when I start to feel my inner Begbie rising.

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Just now, Cuntybaws said:

when people wang on about them...

And now, having hoist myself with my own petard, I'm off to punish myself like that albino cunt in The Da Vinci Code.

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14 hours ago, Frank said:

Fuck off for good you puffed-up little wanker. If I come after you, you'll know all about it. 

Morning, Frank. I see in my absence you've yet again tried to make yourself relevant, with the same predictable results. 

You really are beyond a parody, you utterly useless piece of fucking redundant shit.

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