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  1. Could you post the link on here so I can test
  2. James

    the bbc

    Im a fan of him, maybe because how out spoken he is. I don't feel people have freedom of speech anymore. Maybe why this site was born.
  3. It's becuse of the guys you are following, need to go to their profiles and click the green button that says following, then you can sort the notification setting there.
  4. ​Some people don't like change!
  5. You should get this:​
  6. ​Have you actually looked at the notification settings?
  7. ​Anyone else getting this?
  8. ​please clear you internet cache and see if that helps?
  9. Unfortunately the forum software is sue an update, and the old one is no longer supported.
  10. James


    Maybe comments but not pictures
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