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  1. Watch Threads, the nuclear warning docudrama from the 80s. Creepy shit.
  2. They'll be disappointed. I'm camped right outside his house. No cricket bat though, have a dumbbell with welded spikes.
  3. Is that you in this image? If it isn't, I rather suspect you have a similar look, moon-faced cunt. Provide the appropriate context you fucking spacklord, or make your way back to brewing elderflower wine in your basement with dead rentboy cemented walls.
  4. Mate, you are the Picasso of cunt nomming forum posts. Beautiful.
  5. There have been many slack jawed helmet warriors on the TV recently, and thanks to lockdown, webcam closeups of spackers in the home have been assaulting my eyeballs, and my will to live, for some time now. A worrying development, besides our impending Orwellian existence, has been brought to my attention during the many hours of spacker coverage. Foreheads. So many massive fucking foreheads, seemingly led by psychopathic motorway services - forehead - Hancock. Webcams need to be banned or northerners need to stop breeding immediately. Spamhead cunts.
  6. We'll, I suppose we will see Bill. I will defo try to get out a bit, for 3 months or so before we get a "second wave". Anyway, I liked your response. Cunt.
  7. I'm writing his biography for the open corner. You're not far off Bill. Be done in a week or so. Is he northern? Might add a little flair.
  8. Where do you get these wonderful GIFs? Are there any down syndrome ones I can send to @stoolstabber5000?
  9. Ahhh, Stickers is alright. It's just his brain capacity has been reduced after years of dangerous wanks near railway lines and the prison chow line.
  10. Iv'e heard nothing but shouting, and from the respectable neighbours. Need a murder round here, you know, something to really cheer me up.
  11. The point is Bill, the people who authored said content at URL's are also experts, but the content is removed / delisted. It wouldn't be a considered debate if it were written by any old spacker, if of course the argument requires a professional eye. Yes, a web crawler of sorts, but the technical bit is in the language analysis. Have intermediate Python, but advanced HTML / Java and close to advanced wolfram PL. Not an amateur either. Researcher for a living, programming languages are a useful bolt-on and a hobby. My colleagues are all PHD developers or historians. I am not, however, a PHD. We
  12. Better off Eddie. I'm smart, but still a fucking cunt.
  13. Were not specifically looking for claims and what they detail, first and foremost what draws our attention is any lopsided debate. Where the ability to debate between two arguments has been removed, we will then attempt to explore content. If there were 100 news articles from the worlds top 30 english speaking newspapers published in a day (regarding the same event), 90 were supporting an official narrative of an event and ten were opposed to it, when I run the URL checks for those data deposits a week later, the debate should remain 90 to 10. If the ten are no longer there, for example, the a
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