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  1. Johnson hasn't got anything, it's so clear to see he's out of his depth and has gone to hide.
  2. Women's topless was a sport that held my utmost respect.
  3. Why haven't these absolute cunts been nominated yet? Anyway, I've just nominated the selfish, cunting bastards cos I'm having to use the wife's favourite curtains.
  4. A fucking bombmaking engineer more like.
  5. I dunno but it's an anagram of airtime 😜
  6. BW has become a cocky cunt, I'd like to see him slip up, the slippery bastard.
  7. When I read the heading I thought this was gonna contain useful information about the bankrupt bint with the inflatable tits so my amusement was sadly suspended. Anyway, I was in the bank last week (the food bank's on Mondays and Thursdays) and there were a couple of dogs in front of me in the queue. One was small and had fur, the other was big and fat and had tits she had tucked down her jogging bottoms. Suddenly the furry one starts jumping up at her crotch area and the other dog says (no kidding) "has mummy got a smelly pussy?".
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of the Indecent Proposal principle but I don't remember Demi changing her mind and getting a refund. It makes my piss boil when I read of all the dozens of starlet cunts who ripped Weinstein's wanking arm off for a $1M settlement agreement for a shag or a wank and a career-launching part in a movie for a bonus then start crying when they find out they can screw him for another $1M. "Metoo"? More like mesue. They must be laughing all the way to the bank. I note none of them offered to donate their settlement. And someone should offer Weinstein a remake of You've Been Framed.
  9. From today's Daily Express. Two observations: 1. Yes, for as long as possible 2. I can't see his point, he must have already spent more time self-isolating than any other twink-deprived pervert I can think of
  10. The usual vacuous females (plus the gopher) on daytime TV, which Mrs H has on every fucking day, notably that row of dog-ugly loose pissflaps at lunchtime. The same cunts who used the word "gorgeous" and "in my life" (as if anyone else gives a shit about their ever-so-important-life).
  11. I've given this a lot of thought lately in my annual review of bedroom activities and the thought of fudgepacking Mrs H and leaving my cock decorated in last week's chicken korma still repulses me. However it seems to me the media are doing their best to normalise this repulsive activity to make the shirtlifter's peccadillo normal. What do you cunts think?
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