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  1. Coronavirus is nothing but a fake none existent virus.
  2. https://cbs12.com/news/local/man-who-died-in-motorcycle-crash-counted-as-covid-19-death-in-florida-report
  3. viruses are 1000 times smaller than a hair yet these daft fucking normie bbc watching nhs clapping cunts think its going to protect them from some fake virus, fuck off
  4. I won't be wearing any masks
  5. My name is Monaco Slim, and I want you to SUCK MY DICK
  6. That show really is the mark of the end times. I hope God floods this fucking place again
  7. I hope someone stabs Gary Lineker in the face with a rusty knife
  8. To be honest the more liberal inner city cunts get killed by Jihadi's the better. I'd take muslims over the gays any day of the week.
  9. British food is shit so any kind of sauce on top of it would be an improvement. Men travelled thousands of miles over an ocean in leaky boats to try find spices and sauce indigence to make it less tasteless.
  10. all black people know how to do is destroy, thats why africas such a shit hole.
  11. Fucking hate those goofy caps with those shitty stickers on them
  12. If you don't think the world is flat then you're clearly a dumb ass who probably thinks evolution is real, the big bang, space & dinosaurs.
  13. I'm going to be on Trumps side, and if any of you faggots want the freedom to buy air jordans and assault rifles then you should be too.
  14. The police are too busy wasting our taxes arresting people who say mean words on twitter, fuck the lot of them.
  15. I'd deport all foreign borns, their fathers and even their grandfathers. I'd order all fathers of queers to take their sons behind the woodshed and put a slug in their head I'd put anyone who claims to be anything other than a man or a woman inside a mental hospital forever.
  16. Pagans are satanists. I wont tolerate anyone who dabbles in witchcraft or worships false idols.
  17. Crisps are for children, I'm an adult
  18. Public transport is for losers.
  19. Guaranteed none of these piece of shit false idols live anywhere near blacks. I'd like to see Philip schofield and holly willoughby spend a month living in some afro dump in london and see how culturally enriching they find the experience.
  20. I hope Mrs Roops can afford to keep the website afloat after losing her day job, I might have to donate.
  21. Ikea where cheap cunts go to get their cheap throwaway furniture.
  22. I've got the most fuck off plex server network between my friends. I've got 500 of the greatest movies in 1080p and every good TV show, another m8s got a server with about the same amount of films, and another thats got all 4k content, and another full of sports events. Anyone still paying the dinosaur media is inept.
  23. oh fuck I don't think you could have came up with a list of more unsufferable fucking cunts that will one day burn in hell!
  24. You should too for having that cuck as your avatar
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