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  1. He's brown bread alright. I hope your not expecting a set of kitchen knives for Christmas in light of the undoubted kneejerk "emergency legislation" to tackle knife crime that parliament will enact now another one of their own has been chivved.
  2. Tell me about it. It's the same with that other propaganda shit 24 hours police custody. One of them featured my local CID nicking a gang of card cloners. What the cunts didn't mention was that they only swung into action because one of their own had his business scammed by them. One of the rozzers drinks in my local and is a complete dickhead who constantly runs his mouth off about all the villains he's collared. I hope one of them tracks him down and takes a hammer to his teeth.
  3. My money is on a deranged trot. Amess is on the Genghis Khan wing of the Tory party and loony Labour have just had their annual freak fest where the momentum cunts were wanking themselves into a frenzy with talk about "revolution".
  4. Never do Gypps. It means I don't get asked to give best man speeches.
  5. The police should have stormed round to her gaff to demand the "culprit's" identity because somebody with that level of cunning is a danger to women everywhere. It sounds like a sexual fantasy that submissive bitches have and she's decided to use it in an attempt to revive her tanked career. Didn't work thank fuck but I still hope she fucking dies.
  6. Of course they've done well. They were lavished with huge EEC/EU development grants and were allowed to set up the world's largest corporate tax haven shielded from the real world by the combined soft power of the UK, Germany and France. They didn't put a single penny into the EU budget as a net contributor until 2015 and even then tried to plead poverty while at the same time making bullshit claims about 26% economic growth at an IMF meeting which was nothing more than one of the most distorted pieces of false accounting in history. They steal FDI from other countries with illegal state bribery and think they own a monopoly on all the US investment that comes to Europe. They also steal tax revenues from third world countries in Africa and then have the fucking cheek to demand an opt out from the global corporate tax rate because it will make them "less competitive". I'm fucking ecstatic that the G7 has finally got its act together and is finally going to shut the cunts down.
  7. Like I've told a few of your fellow bogtrotters on other forums Paddy, you don't speak for the world and nobody gives a fuck what we do in Ireland outside the rapidly declining EUSSR. This will be evident when Boris triggers article 16 by the end of the month then laughs his cock off as thick Mick and simple Simon blow a gasket as their little plan with Brussels to economically annex the north gets completely derailed. Senile Joe will just make some empty platitudes then soil his incontinence pants before being wheeled back to the basement and his jigsaw puzzle as the boys at the Pentagon will make their weekly phone call to the Foreign office to thank us again for putting our carrier group in the South China Sea while they're equipping their Nimitz class carriers with the latest upgrades. Things are also going swimmingly with the CPTPP who want us to join their club. That's what happens when you have plenty of soft power to wield Paddy and not just a whinging diaspora with a bucket off bullshit hard luck stories about "the old country" which they can barely point out on a map. Great move by the EU doing Macron's dirty work for him by threatening the Aussies btw. It's confirmed everything we've been telling them about it all along. Apparently the septics are none too happy about it either and are about to tell the Brussels junta to keep its fucking nose out of AUKUS. Things don't look too good for the EU's prospects of building an international consensus against the UK over the NI protocol does it Paddy?
  8. Which amounts to the sum total of fuck all in wartime Paddy and we've just entered Cold War II with China. AUKUS is phase one of the reunification of the Anglosphere because we're going to have to save the world again like we did twice in the 20th century. ROI and the rest of the cowardly fuckers in the EU are not invited because you haven't got a pair of bollocks between you. That's why we fixed it with the septics for our Australian brethren to humiliate your Frog masters much to the amusement of everyone here in Blighty. Strange how the plastic Paddies on the hill all disappear back up their own arses when things get a bit rough. This was the case in 1940 when Roosevelt first drove a coach and horses through their Neutrality Act then a year later set fire to it in front of them. The septics don't give a fuck about the Irish in the big scheme of things, they value the allies that help them maintain their global hegemony far more and you will see this in the years to come as the big kick off with the Chinks grows ever nearer.
  9. Quite possibly but then it doesn't take a great deal of intelligence to put paddy in his place. God save the Queen.
  10. If there are any war heroes in your family, I would wager that they would thoroughly ashamed of you and would wonder if it had all been worth the effort so Quisling spunk stains like yourself could be brought into the world and hand this country over to the shadow German Reich in Brussels without a shot being fired. Haven't you yourself said that you couldn't bear living in post Brexit Britain? How much encouragement did you give the missus to provide you with an escape route from British independence under the guise upping sticks to Oz so you can wipe dear old Auntie Doris's arse? I do distinctly remember you bitching to Roops not long after I joined because you were getting a shitload of flak for your treasonous views and swore that you were going quit this site as it was no longer to your political tastes. What happened on that front Matron? Did you watch the Labour party conference and vow that us naughty "fascists" would not win so decided to try and bore us to death with your continued existence? I don't see you as a contest Matron, I see you as a cowardly arrogant prick who thinks he can use his alleged professional status and education to belittle those who actually have some respect for this country but picks up dog shit and wipes it all over his face in a tantrum of sheer frustration when those he considers to be of the great unwashed start living rent free inside his head. Once again, fuck off and die at the earliest opportunity.
  11. I'd set the dogs on him as soon as he was finished.
  12. Your fixation upon this subject tells me that you obviously feel some deep insecurity. Was somebody in your family a yellow cunt who was on double bang up with Jack Straw's daddy? Is that where your need to try and belittle a man who fought for his country comes from? Running away appears to be a family trait. Isn't that why you're hiding down there in roo land? I know it bothers you that us great unwashed without degrees can reduce sanctimonious dickheads like yourself to figures of fun but you're not really important and nor are your scummy trot views.
  13. It always happens Gypps. The company I was working for back in 2009 got hundreds of applications from Ireland for every vacancy. Some of them had 30 years+ in including time spent in the aviation industry. We didn't hire any of them because it would have taken the job away from a British worker who wouldn't fuck off as soon as the storm passed. Once again, they've built their economy on quicksand in an attempt to be Billy big bollocks and have been fiddling their books to boot. Germany and France are fucking sick of them behaving like they have a monopoly on all the US investment that comes to Europe so are putting them back in their place. They'll flood into the UK alright but after how those cunts have been gobbing it off at the UK they'll find things less hospitable this time around.
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