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  1. How long is he in the cooler for this time?
  2. At least we got to the final unlike Bogland which can't even qualify for a free gift from reader's digest these days. On a different subject, how's the old relationship with your fairy godmother Biden the fake Irishman now he's fucked Ireland over with the global corporate tax rate? Won't be long now before you cunts are back in the fields picking spuds to make ends meet. Lol!
  3. You still sound very bitter about the Brexit result. Have you ever considered getting some sort of therapy?
  4. None at all MC. Just been busy as fuck so have been reduced to popping in occasionally to see if @ChildeHarold had died of AIDS yet. Despite being propositioned once or twice, I make it a rule to stay away from the illicit import/export market after seeing a schoolfriend of mine receive an all expenses paid double digit stay in one of Her Majesty's finest shitholes. If the going rate for shipping illegal migrants keeps going up I might be tempted though.
  5. Trucking Funt


    The only thing Khan gives a fuck about is his PR image. He put up one of his usual fuckwit videos droning on about safe and "diverse London" until some cunt decided to make a few alterations which included a nice cold dose of reality....
  6. Just crossing the T's and dotting the I's. https://www.chathamhouse.org/2021/03/why-joining-cptpp-smart-move-uk
  7. He got some prossies to dress up as Nazis and whip the arse of him.
  8. Have you not heard Paddy? Things are picking up with the rest of the world here now. Even the Jocks are starting to pipe down. Not long until we join CPTPP now and become the bankers for Asia.
  9. Took the piss with the British legal system to muzzle the press and a thousand memes. Good riddance you perverted old bastard.
  10. The BBC are at it already with terms like "prominent activist" and "leading figure" as well as "Oxford Brookes graduate" when in fact she's nothing but gobby cunt who's been in numerous youtube videos with her minstrel show entourage making threats toward individuals and the general public while dressed in army surplus combat fatigues and stab vests purchased from Ebay. Yes, she graduated from Oxford Brookes but it isn't part THE Oxford University and her degree was in the non subject of Social Care which isn't surprising because she's a dumb fucker who struggles with basic English if her megaphone rants are anything to go by. Not that any of this will matter to the BBC who will undoubtedly try and build her up into a Malcolm X figure if she shuffles off the mortal coil then howl about how racist British society murdered a black "leader" that would have led her people to the promised land or some bollocks to that effect.
  11. It's more likely that direct rule will be re-imposed when MI5 have finished leaking details to the press about how certain leading shinners have acquired their unexplained wealth. They're not going to hand that hideous Miss Piggy lookalike O'Neill the keys to the castle after the fucking corrupt bitch tried to pilfer millions in CAP subsidies and give it to a bunch a Fenian bastard farmers in the border counties. Hopefully the SAS just shoot her like they did her cousins.
  12. She's a despicable cunt. One of her lackeys has said that this is because of her "political activism" but I have it on good authority from somebody on a certain message board who's usually pretty accurate about this sort of thing that she's spent the last year swanning around South London with her blick power goons making all kinds of threats to some extremely dangerous people. Speaking as a native of that part of the world, I can only say that this news hardly comes as a surprise. I sincerely hope the MSM don't try to turn her into some sort of martyr because the evil fucking cunt deserves to die.
  13. I shagged a French bird back in my teenage years. She was a squirter and I had to throw the mattress away after because I couldn't get rid of the smell of putrefaction. I think her minge had gone off.
  14. Posh birds are quite often utterly debauched so I bet she takes it up the arse on a regular basis then licks his chopper clean afterward.
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