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  1. I've sat on the sidelines as a mere observer as you've been dismantled by the puntership on here. My advice to you is to move on to pastures new as you're never going to recover after two major outings by Roops. I can't imagine why you would feel the need to come on here and big it up but you're credibility is shot to fucking pieces. Time to move on and stop wasting everyone's time.
  2. Yes. Never interacted with him much before he bit the dust. An ex pig deserves everything he gets including his house being torched but who the fuck would be gullible enough to be taken in by the shit that gets posted here? I hope he never worked in CID.
  3. Fucking gormless cunt! Lol! Yet the Judge continued to linger for eon after. Most people would have quit there on the spot. Fucking mug! Out of likes btw.
  4. I'm always too late to the party for this kind of thing. Spill the beans MC!
  5. The cunts are too fucking stupid to actually investigate crime, using the scattergun approach to sift through innocent people until they find somebody who's wanted or has the "smell of cannabis" in their vehicle to justify an unlawful search is much more efficient in the eyes of the pigs. I'm thinking about trying what this guy did to see if my local filth try to take the piss. The head of my local police's Professional standards directorate and myself have become quite intimate after all the amount of communication we've had.
  6. From the cunt who's thinking is almost as confused as Michelle Obama's gynecologist.
  7. We're no longer a liberal democracy either. A policeman's job is only easy in a police state and the filth in this country have it waaaay too easy. Extinction rebellion and black lies matter have simply burned themselves out by pissing off most of the population. The police don't deserve any credit for that because they spent months appeasing the trot cunts.
  8. Neutered? Are you having a laugh? Have you seen the gestapo investigatory powers act that is available to them? If a pig encounters somebody they don't like they can get more of less open ended access to that person's entire life. By that I mean bank records, phone records, medical records and internet history. Chuck in the privacy killing ANPR and facial recognition cameras that are now linked to the new national policing database which can instantly bring up a person's arrest record regardless of whether they have been charged or not and we now have police state Britain. The cunts are not ne
  9. I bet Doreen Lawrence has already got her House of Lords speech ready for the next time a white kid does a black kid. Regardless of circumstances, the twisted cunt will paint it as a "damning indictment" of Britain's "institutionally racist" society and all blacks must be immediately given 500 grand in cash from the public purse and blanket immunity from prosecution to compensate them.
  10. Biden will needle Putin to fuck for the next four years painting him as the world's bogeyman while slowly creeping back up Comrade Xi's arse again. He owes his election to the censorship job the big tech cunts did on Trump and their price will be uninterrupted business with Beijing especially with the huge tech hub that's about to open its doors on the Pearl River delta. I predict that the flashpoint with Putin will be over Belarus when the CIA attempt to overthrow Lukashenko in the name of wokeness. Should be interesting to see what happens if Putin sends in the tanks.
  11. From the cunt who was posting complete bollocks about the City of London.
  12. Certainly is. The most memorable scene was a prolonged fight in a sauna between a bollock naked Mortensen and two Chechens tooled up with carpet knives. Fucking top film.
  13. He did a pretty good turn in Eastern Promises as the degenerate son of a Russian mafia boss. David Cronenberg wanted to make a sequel but the studio boss kiboshed it. Damn shame!
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