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  1. I opened my window the other week to see where the horses were and was confronted by people in the road clapping and got chatting to my neighbour afterward so you're right. Though here we just observed the first one and have ignored the rest. It's got a bit stupid I think with people proposing clapping on all sorts of days for all sorts of shite. Some cunt proposed clapping for Boris the other evening, I thought fuck that he's the cunt that left the door open.
  2. English, living in Scotland. They must put something in the water down there Australian films are often pretty hardcore. Watched a film the other night though, a sci-fi and it had that bird from Hunger Games who who's vag is all over the web, anyway gave it a chance but so bad, just made me realise how right I've been to avoid Hollywood.
  3. You'll find many words that we think of as Americanisms were in common use in England long before Hollywood became influential. Read period books and you'll see words like trash & garbage used.
  4. I rarely watch anything made after 2005. These feeble soft headed cunts that talk endlessly about binge watching boxsets like they're actually proud of themselves are inbred pondlife. At least watch a proper film like Bad Boy Bubby, not the safe, inclusive, gender balanced, glossy, vacuous, garbage that passes for screen entertainment for the last 10 years.
  5. He has the look of a man who's taken his PC to get fixed and suddenly can't remember if he cleared his internet search history.
  6. The homeless sometimes draw codes on the outside of houses to spread info about the facilities available to others in their community. I'm guessing they're saying the homeowner likes to suck smelly old cock.
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