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  1. What the fuck do you think I've been drinking? Bank's best bitter? I only signed in to see if Snoop Dog was a cunt. If you don't think I'm Barry Scott check this out. "Hi I'm Barry Scott, you cunt!" Now do you recognise me. Fuck my hat this is tedious.
  2. How about me, my cats, my dog and those four pigeons off next doors roof embark on a tour of the entire fucking world and kick the shit out of fucking everyone who does or doesn't like cats, dogs, birds and fucking croissants. How about that cunts, fucking cuntageddon. Thank you so much for your patience and fuck off.
  3. Can't be fucked. Gavin Williamson, CUNT.You can rest your case on the pair of fucking pre-rested cases that appear to have been doused in petrol and fucked up. Your honour/Cunt/ybollocks Fuck off. And die. And fuck the pope too. Big fat cunt. Sorry, big fat useless terrible cunt.
  4. Huge big fat fucking fuckety fuck cunting cunts. Piss flaps and goodnight.
  5. A subject close to my arse. I live down the road from a Harvey Nicholson dealership and I can confirm that they are, indeed, all cunts. Sitting around drinking fucking tea and eating bacon fucking sandwiches. All of them apart from the actual Hells Angels. Who don't eat bacon presumably because they are Muslims.
  6. Unfortunately she's not able to defend herself. Which just goes to show what a cunt she is. Was. Slag.
  7. Hi I'm Barry Scott


    Sorry I'm a bit late, try Novichok. Fucks most things off.
  8. What's a shamina begum ? Fuck off.
  9. Sorry, there's a post explaining that somewhere. Kanyes arse, sorry, wife should get a proper job like that. Selling cleaning products. Door to door. A bit like Ken Dodd. "Oh missus, what a wonderful day for sticking cillit bang up your arse... diddymen jam butties" etc etc ..
  10. Bollocks. My uncle is close personal friend of Rick Wakeman so fuck off.
  11. Sorry I wasn't paying attention. I tried to get back into the tv but it turned out I was "too cunty for telly". Cunts. Anyway Kanye West however has all the qualities to be a president. He's certainly out cunted the current one. By a cuntry mile. The cunt. Fuck off.
  12. "Gormless cunt" as a statement shows proper class. As does the word slurry. I'm really chuffed that Eamon Holmes and cheese sandwiches are all here. Cunts, the lot of them. Fuck my hat it's good to be back.
  13. Lewis Hamilton. He's a dull fucking cunt.
  14. Rick Stein is a cunt. Most of the population of Uppingham are cunts. Who ever thinks Sharpe's Doombar is good are cunts and Cornwall can fuck off.
  15. Full marks for the Vesta curry picture.
  16. The epitome of cuntiness. A despicable cunt of no talent or personality. Married to some sort of cunt who matches his profile perfectly. Pair of cunts. I rest my case your honour. If he isn't the cunt of the decade I'll shit my own trousers with immediate effect.
  17. And when they're not poncing around a pile of fucking rubble they probably spend the rest of the year playing Animal crossing. Cunts. It's worth joining the army, the paras or the like, spending six or seven years of brutal treatment just for that one exercise on the solstice.
  18. "In Animal Crossing, the player character is a human who lives in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various activities such as fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting" It's own synopsis just about sums it up. The "player character" being the retarded cursed by witches fucknuckle who starts to believe that they really are growing fucking turnips in their own mind and selling them to twatty cartoon rabbits. Twats. It's difficult to put into words but adults playing this must be culled. Or sent to the Isle of Wight. Cunts.
  19. Surely any adults who think playing this shit is normal are not only cunts, but cunts with huge mental disabilities. The end.
  20. Must just be me then, the cunts.
  21. Thank you for the warm welcome. Indeed I have had some access to the education system and I declared myself to be a vicar eleven years ago. Before that I wrote to the county council suggesting they employ myself as the witch finder general for Cambridgeshire. Still awaiting a reply.
  22. "...is a cunt" seems to have been made unavailable. They'd better not notice this site. Could always go dark web and call the site "sCUNThorpe corner.
  23. Branson is a massive cunt. He's got 3.5 billion rammed up his fucking arse so why can't he bail his own shitty airline out. I know a cunt when I see one. And as for Victoria Beckham! Fuck off.
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