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  1. But millions of canucks want Americans dead, why not actually make that happen?
  2. That's what they always say, but if they don't end up killing one another?
  3. We're not talking about beer, we're talking why the world hasn't killed them all if they are so evil.
  4. NOTE: Do not give me the "they are too powerful" or "they are destroying themselves" or "they are not evil" speech!And when I say destroy, I mean literally turn their cities into rubble and their people into charred remains! And then divide their country equally and give a portion to the Native Americans!I have read every single anti-American comment out there, in fact, I decided to compile everything. I don't understand why, despite the strong sentiments against them, the nations of the world still hasn't put aside their differences and united to accomplish this benevolent task?So many people
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