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  1. NOTE: Do not give me the "they are too powerful" or "they are destroying themselves" or "they are not evil" speech!

    And when I say destroy, I mean literally turn their cities into rubble and their people into charred remains! And then divide their country equally and give a portion to the Native Americans!

    I have read every single anti-American comment out there, in fact, I decided to compile everything. I don't understand why, despite the strong sentiments against them, the nations of the world still hasn't put aside their differences and united to accomplish this benevolent task?

    So many people out there, including Canadians, believe that the world would be a better place if they didn't exist! So many claim that the US's days are numbered! So many claim that they would rejoice when this glorious day comes! Why doesn't the world work together and make this happen sooner rather than wait years or decades even and leave it up to chance?

    There is no guarantee that Americans are destroying themselves! Other countries are going through much worse than what Americans are going through and they are surviving fine. The US maybe losing power but that doesn't mean they are destroying themselves!

    Also, hoping that they redeem themselves is hopeless; they don't care about the world. And besides, people have been complaining about them for decades now and will probably be complaining for another several decades to no avail. Why not out an end to the complaining? Why not put an end to the anger and hatred? Why not put an end to all the suffering once and for all?

    The only way to guarantee all of that is the world put aside its differences, united, mustered up the courage and invaded America and slaughtered everyone living there or turning the people into slaves as payment for the horrible things they have done and thus leading to the ultimate destruction of America. This how you make a world without America a reality and thus creating a brighter future for everyone.

    The Allies were able to do this with Germany and Japan and these two were hard to knock down but the Allies did it and look at these two countries today! Imagine what the world could do to America.

    So then, why hasn't Canada and the nations of the world teamed up together to take this bully, warmonger, rogue state, terrorist state or whatever you want to call it down?

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