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  1. Get get a grip. I'm sure here in Cunts Corner you imagine you are some kind of big swinging dick. You are a nothing nobody sad fucking wanker. Stay the fuck off my threads you monumental dick turd. You get zero respect from me because you think you are something special. You are not.
  2. Yes let's have a minutes silence for Jeremy Beadle and his weird freaky fucking hand.
  3. They will show any ill conceived low budget thrown together trash. Will literally host anything.
  4. It's just so they can stop disability payments by saying "oh look spazzies can work".
  5. Yes I'd love to pay for his spaceships and private tropical island paradise from the sweat of my brow. After all he almost bought his way into the history books and regularly molested Pamela Anderson. The NHS suing toffee nosed cunt. PS On the subject of bearded cunts Jeremy Beadle is a Total Recall alien handed bearded cunt.
  6. If I said Piers was slimy dog shit, I'd be doing slimy dog shit a massive disservice.
  7. LBC radio are the worst for it. Panic spreading, fear mongering unhelpful cunts. No one has gone without a bed, no one has gone without a ventilator, no one has gone without PPE. Three major hospitals were pulled out of Borris's ass in record time. To top it off he even wrote me a letter. He's not so bad for a fat upper class public school cunt.
  8. You've hijacked my Button Moon thread. With a "medical agenda spastic fake paranoia conspiracy theory". That's clearly met my eye. This thread is to talk about Mr Spoon and his cohorts. If you have Button Moon related comments then please share them.
  9. Mr Spoon your spaceship is a pile of shit and you are a spoon armed cunt !
  10. He's a pink gay hippopotamus cunt I'll grant you.
  11. I have to agree. The mullet haired, cock juggling, meth freak is a waste of air. I'm the cunt who wasted my precious time watching a documentary about the cunt. Cunt !
  12. Unlike Bungle who was so relevant huh ?
  13. I'll be fucked if I'll let some rushed out thrown together vaccine be injected in me.
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