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  1. Thank you Eric, its a good question, we'll find out soon
  2. Thank you Eric, its a good question, we'll find out soon
  3. Fair comment CB but I should get 1 point for the post title alone. You set the bar high but I appreciate the guidance
  4. So sorry Decimus, I thought the fact that he is currently at the final stage of a major court case concerning his alleged malfeasance that it might have been of some interest. I guess I was wrong, you smart arse twat!
  5. I know he's been mentioned here before but, it would appear this apparently self indulgent, narcisistic, big headed purveyor of fucking shit music is also a horrible monster cunt in his private life too. If the allegations are true it seems like yet another example of a high profile person presented to the world as a great human being, only to be exposed as a massive CCUUUNNTTT! https://news.sky.com/story/r-kelly-trial-prosecutor-says-singer-hid-his-crimes-in-plain-sight-as-abuse-trial-nears-end-12414320
  6. Well its difficult to disagree with your intelligent viewpoint Wolfie. To your point, We can only expect any results of leading by example in a situation wherby the audience actually gives a fuck what we think of them. In the case of China, no fuck whatsoever is given! Perhaps we can both agree that both the CCP and Insulate Britain do qualify as Cunts?
  7. With so many pressing and immeadiate causes for concern in the world today, I was amazed to see this article in the newsfeed about a bunch of fucking, naive bell-ends who felt justified in causing chaos and congestion for people trying to get to and from work on the M25, to bring attention to their demand to the British government to "insulate every house in Britain"! I assume this is their own flavour of "saving the planet", despite the fact that the UK is a small part of the giant global problem and it would do fuck all to halt the rot. It would be more effective if they go and lay down in the road in Beijing and ask the Chinese to insulate all of their dwellings or stop burning so much coal for industry. I think I know how that would end https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/09/13/protesters-block-several-m25-junctions-causing-traffic-chaos/ CUUUNNNNTTSS!!!!
  8. I think he's fucking hilarious and is risking a complete cancelling from most of humanity. He has big balls!
  9. Can we ignore Pete D for 5 minutes and get back to the point raised in the first place. Yes I totally agree, blokes in flip flops look bloody ridiculous unless next to a pool or on the beach but NOT walking down the high street in Guildford! "oh look I'm so relaxed even in an urban setting" twats! Have you ever tried to run or fight in the stupid things. Neither practical or stylish !! Bollocks.
  10. Sorry that its off topic but thank you good lady for quoting the wonderful character, Jim Lahey, may he rest in peace.
  11. Well done Arnold, I know its all been said already on this thread but Ive been banging on about this for years. What thought process goes through these mens heads when they get up in the morning? they must look out of their bedroom window in the morning, see the frost on the car, look at the weather report and say to themselves " 2-4 degrees and windy, Hmm...shorts I think". FFS..no sense, no feeling!
  12. Bloody hilarious CBaws, thank you for bringing their previous bender image transformation to my attention. Either way, you cant say that their lyrics are contrived to get airplay on the radio: "I work my dreams off for two bits of ravioliAnd a warm bottle of SmirnoffUnder a manager that doesn't have a fuckin' clueDo you want me to tell you what I think about you, cunt?I don't think that's a very good idea, do you?You pockmarked four-eyed shit-fitted shirt, white Converseand a taste for young girls."
  13. I agree on the first 2 paragraphs and they made me laugh but the Sleaford mods are in a league of their own compared to the genuine fucking dross mentioned by others in this thread. The Sleaford mods dont give a fuck about the music business, dont conform and will easily win a fight with 99% of the other pansy wet pants Brit bands of the day.
  14. Baddiel once wrote that: (i'm paraphrasing) "there are no conspiracies and those who believe in any of them are stupid." what a safe, ignorant, mainstream, cunty thing to say. PRICK!
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