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  1. Bloody hilarious CBaws, thank you for bringing their previous bender image transformation to my attention. Either way, you cant say that their lyrics are contrived to get airplay on the radio: "I work my dreams off for two bits of ravioliAnd a warm bottle of SmirnoffUnder a manager that doesn't have a fuckin' clueDo you want me to tell you what I think about you, cunt?I don't think that's a very good idea, do you?You pockmarked four-eyed shit-fitted shirt, white Converseand a taste for young girls."
  2. I agree on the first 2 paragraphs and they made me laugh but the Sleaford mods are in a league of their own compared to the genuine fucking dross mentioned by others in this thread. The Sleaford mods dont give a fuck about the music business, dont conform and will easily win a fight with 99% of the other pansy wet pants Brit bands of the day.
  3. Baddiel once wrote that: (i'm paraphrasing) "there are no conspiracies and those who believe in any of them are stupid." what a safe, ignorant, mainstream, cunty thing to say. PRICK!
  4. Anxiety is a total cunt!!!
  5. yes, he truly is a wanker who I would love to see fall from grace, big time. Perhaps a paedo scandal
  6. You may find it difficult you privileged ponce but try and remember that the only difference between you and the average man in the street is luck. Much love Arsebiscuit
  7. Hello Earl, good to be here and thanks for going easy on me. Some people inherit wealth and in most cases it couldn't have happened to nicer people, I have no problem with that and wish you the best in enjoying your lovely wonga, spending it on whatever indulgence or depravity you see fit. Unfortunately, sometimes when it happens to young, vacuous or stupid people they have a tendency to not grasp the fantastic luck which has been bestowed on them and instead confuse it with some kind of divine justice which they somehow deserve and proceed in wasting said riches on shallow yet expensive consu
  8. Tronald Dump is absolutely spot on with his slightly cryptic post about Silver spooned car you tubers. Young wankers talking about and showing off in their super cars like its normal and never talking about how lucky they are to own a car (or cars) which are worth more than a house. SPOILT, lucky, character-less CUNTS who, in most cases have this wealth because they just happened to come out of the right vagina!!! You try watching some of these wankers videos, its vomit making!
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