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  1. pegleg

    Brown Sugar

    The most racist songs are by black rap artists
  2. Child molestors should be run over by trucks or made to watch EASTENDERS
  3. More to come since people are going crazy .The USA is on the eve of a huge right wing terrorist campaign.
  4. Add racist israel to the list with it's massacres at Deir Yassin , Kibya, Sabra , Shatila, Gaza City ,Jenin etc Anybody who wud bring that up should be prepared to be hit with being called the anti -semitic cliche and lectured about the holocaust ................😅
  5. Will they be standing or in wheelchairs on stage ? Also aided by oxygen tanks ?
  6. pegleg


    What is a Belgian anyway ? A Dutch person in the north , French in the south ?
  7. A new doc series on BBC , HOLOCAUST OR HOLOHOAX hosted by Boy George
  8. Had to happen what with the government being so bad people turned to the Taliban and the army was so bad it couldn't make it without American & NATO help . Don't like the Taliban but hopefully someday we will see the Palestinian flag over israel.
  9. She's dead , you aren't into corpses are you ? Holy Jimmy Saville !
  10. Go to YouTube , some hysterical parodies of him on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE JEPORADY
  11. Israel is the new Nazi Germany . The mass murder of Palestinians is practically a national sport .
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