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  1. Biden has won .Adios to cheeto and all the right wing cunts & fat cats who like him !
  2. she is from a group that prizes deceit
  3. pegleg

    Meghan Markle

    She married below herself with those royal retards
  4. He is the secret son of trump and Louis Farakhan
  5. TFF ! The bitch's days may be numbered
  6. I have to use proxies for self protection involving my  job. Please let me continue .

  7. pegleg

    BBC News

    I want to take a bath with Yalda Hakim & Misihal Husseini
  8. You think this is funny ?
  9. Abolish the police ? The cunts who want that should think about who they would turn to if faced with a criminal ? A crybaby lefty or negro looter who wants to get a new telly ?
  10. pegleg

    Divvy Yanks

    Greta was offered money to pose for Playboy
  11. LOL The pc police in the USA may do that !
  12. Princess Ann should have to wear one al the time because she is so ugly
  13. How do you get slanty eyes you need to be Chinese ?
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