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  1. Go to YouTube , some hysterical parodies of him on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE JEPORADY
  2. Israel is the new Nazi Germany . The mass murder of Palestinians is practically a national sport .
  3. He was a fool at his age to be doing dope . The boy killed himself .
  4. pegleg

    Piers morgan

    Monarchy loving Uncle Tom and fat too
  5. The greatest entertainment act in world history! Now we have self pitying prince dullard and the mulatto gold digger and that walking cadaver prince Phillip competing for attention .Rule Britania LOL
  6. I wonder what she wud look like topless or nude kissing another woman ?
  7. pegleg

    Prince Harry

    I read he will soon be on tv doing ad's for viagra and Meghan ( her real name is Rachel) will posing for Playboy. Maybe a cable talk show.
  8. There is no chance of reparations .Although many Cadillac dealers & liquor store owners wud make fortunes the white congress & senate will never vote for any money .
  9. Won't waste my time feeling sorry for a trumpite
  10. The trump supporters murdered a cop at the capitol trump still praised them .All scum.
  11. Biden has won .Adios to cheeto and all the right wing cunts & fat cats who like him !
  12. she is from a group that prizes deceit
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