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  1. Do you actually believe that I am Cillian Murphy. You need some help. Or is this your alto-ego? Get help, or drink bleach
  2. Cornish Fishermen/ Every wet footed cunt, who depends on their livleyhood of catching fish....your just fucked
  3. What happened to the days, when you "Cunted" some cunt and gave a reason for their cunting. We can all watch the telebox and think that he/she is a cunt, but you must state why he/she is a cunt. Let me try and educate you cunts I nominate Julian Knight. He voted to remain, but now shows off his UK ONLY Passport...Total Cunt
  4. But you are a liar, and now you have been shown up as a liar. Its CuntsCorner, everyone lies, that is the whole reason that CC exists. I dont give a fuck how many posts you have made...You are a utter fuckwit of a lliar and you have no evidence to back up your lies
  5. You will now been know as a total liar. Everyone hates a liar..even on CuntsCorner Punkape..please dont take offence
  6. Eric, will you not give it up...you are a liar. Its Ok to be on CuntsCorner and dream your life, dont lie, you will be found out, again
  7. Is this true? Intersting if it is true...That cunt Tarrant was the producer...maybe we should investigate a little bit more. Sources...link?
  8. I like your thinking there Cunty. How about a Mastermind type game show, where the loser gets a bucket of bleach in the face......Ive started so Ill finish. Im about to pitch this idea to Channel 4
  9. If not, why not. He slightly beats Priti Patel for the title of "The fucking immigrant, who hates immigrants"
  10. You dont say where its leaking from...tank, fuel line, engine block. Did the cunt show you the leek? He has to upon your request
  11. Is that the best that you can do? you really need to up your game. Im thinking along the lines of..I hope this rubber tongued mockney should be force feed a "handful, just a squirt, a liberal dousing" of Demestos/ any fucking bleach.."If you havent got it" rat poison will do...There all best of friends
  12. If not, the government are a bunch of cunts. And so is Jamie Oliver. Solstice Blessings
  13. I dont ride a bike, but I often drive on the A4141 between Warwick and Solihull. This is a well known bikers run. Unfortunatly (sp) it is also a road often used by horseriders. Two fatalities on this road last month. On a good note I have a good supply of fresh flowers that are left on the roadside.
  14. The one that grips my shit is drivers who dont know how to indicate to bikers wishing to overtake. Its hold up your left hand and keep it there for some time, this notifies the biker that you have seen them. When it is safe for them to overtake, indicate left and let them pass. If it is safe to do so any half decent rider will thank you by raising their left hand or twisting their left foot out. Your Welcome
  15. Do you know what the unofficial signal for other drivers to slow down is? And its not flashing your fucking headlights.....that could mean anything.
  16. I think you are right. Im not using enough swear words/adjectives. I apologize for my previous post, I should have done better. In future I will up my game. When this cunt returns from Brussells (sp)>I hope the plane crashes and he dies. i also hope the pilot walks away
  17. Total Cunts, apparently sending "verbal abusive" messages is not allowed. Do not worry, Ive got a way around this. Ive sent it direct to Nos 10. Dear Johnson, You are a cunt. Kind Regards Cillian
  18. Oh, I can see what you have done there. You`re implying I cant read. How very droll, your whit and humour is outstanding. WTF HAS HAPPENED TO THIS SITE
  19. Though, totally racist and homophobic, I do agree
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