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  1. You really take this King thingy seriously don't you?
  2. If I had a scrap car I'd put you in the boot and crush it a la Goldfinger.
  3. Yep, you're right. I stand corrected.
  4. How do you know I'm not a thamydolide baby or a Laos land mine survivor? I blame you in any case.
  5. I always thought the George and the Dragon was the best of the bunch. Coventry Cathedral has a really great modern sculpture of St George with his foot on the Dragon's neck. Exactly how I picture you. Very artistic and very painful.
  6. I would say hang over problems. It's that one before breakfast that's the problem.
  7. Your last paragraph isn't remotely connected to the first pararaph. Did you work on the assembly line at British Leyland. I think I had one of your Friday afternoon cars in the 1980s.
  8. There has always been substitution of human manual labour by animals and latterly machinery. But the decisions as to WHAT to make and HOW to make it and WHERE to make it are based on human assessnent of optimising production which in a market system of free enterprise roughly equates to the profit motive. Even if computers are used to calculate or model various company strategies they have to be based on programmes. The indefinable "hunch" probably accounts for most decision making in the world. That and the couple of square cm under the foreskin packed with nerve endings.
  9. Yes I'll give that half a point out of ten for trying. Was there momentarily a trend for wearing those tight jogging pants under a pair of shorts which looked very gay and stupid? Similar to wearing two T shirts or two shirts on top of each other. But on balance I still adhere to the nylon shell suit.
  10. You haven't been whittled down to a bloody stump yet. Stick with it boy. Ha ha ha.....
  11. I always know what's going on behind me. It's in front of me that I haven't a clue.
  12. Which reminds me WD39 and half, did you ever receive that £5 book token and an annual subscription to Penthouse Magazine I sent you by Recorded Delivery in 1986 and half? There was a postal strike at the time due to Maggie's proposals to privatise the Royal Mail. Did it get through? I promise there were no razor blades stuck in the bits where you put your fingers.
  13. Was you masturbating in the mirror at the same time as you was congratulating yourself. Ejaculating and congratulating. You dirty fucking animal.
  14. What do you know about"human labour"? Have you ever studied the theory of surplus value or why machine intelligence can never replace humans? Instead of this idle generalising get down the fucking Employment Centre, we used to call the Dole Office, and get a job. I remember delivering the post over Christmas to a house where when the door opened it was the lady at the desk I just signed on. She was as good as gold, kept stum. Now a fucking machine couldn't do that. The cat and mouse. Cunt. LOL.
  15. Just quoting from the hard school of being taken for a ride up the creek without a paddle by the fraternity. I hope Arnold is wearing his grandma's iron corsets and knickers to protect himself.
  16. The cunt's a fucking hypocrite. He wouldn't know a FUNNY BONE if it BROKE IN TWO and PUNCTURED BOTH HIS LUNGS and then fucking paraded round his hospital bed with placards saying we are FUNNY. An example of the fucking dimwitted self satisfied cunt on this site.
  17. So fucking what you shit faced fuck. Howz that for "more than a hint of a sense of humour" so shuv right up your arse you miserable cunt who I have never witnessed either appreciating or creating anything funny. FUCK OFF TO COMEDY CLASS.
  18. There's something fishy about this nomination.
  19. Now that you're here bend over. The next victim. I speak from experience.
  20. Was it piddling down in Exmouth or did you go just for the homosexual orgies?
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