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  1. Uhhhhhh, OIC, its a concentration camp joke. That is one dark sense of humour you have, Rat.
  2. What has Frank said/done to you to make you feel this way ?
  3. Believe me Harold, you would not really enjoy living under a regime like that. When the Chinese report their Covid stats, we would do well to take them with a couple of pinches of salt. For the Chinese Communist Party, avoidance of embarrassment is more important than the truth.
  4. You have a point Harry, however, remember that if the Beeb was completely commercial, it might be even WORSE, because then they would be totally reliant on revenue from adverts, and the last vestiges of programmes on science and history would be very quickly swept away to be replaced with TOWIE style trash. Totally agree with you about the miserable feminist content on the radio though. I have to change channels when women's hour pops up on radio 4, as I find it unbearable, infuriating shit. Bad for my blood pressure.
  5. I applied for a college course to learn origami a few weeks back. I just got the rejection letter today. I'm not sure what to make of it
  6. Tell them the circus is coming to town :
  7. Surely if China (1) permits its citizens to play around with bat carcasses and engage in other unhygienic behaviour and (2) tolerate shoddy safety protocols regarding biolab operation this does mean they bear some responsibility when a new disease manages to jump the gap between small mammals and humans ? Diseases like this don't happen without incompetence or foolhardy disregard for hygiene doc.
  8. I suppose I shouldn't really make fun of the afflicted, it's a bit unsporting. I can't lie, they do give me the creeps though...
  9. Brave new world that hath such freaks in it
  10. The "I've just been electrocuted" afro is my favourite.
  11. Yeah those wigs... Epic. Would have been funny if it wasn't a murder trial.
  12. Which channel is this "cabins" thing on ? If its on a commercial channel, that will be because they run on advert revenue and therefore have to go with what they think will be most popular, meaning that they are less likely to come up with educational content. I also worry about TV being dumbed down, but most people just want entertainment from it these days. If you really want educational content you are better off searching YouTube, there are some interesting channels on science and history.
  13. Sometimes reading through these forum posts makes me feel like I am going through some sort of group therapy with a mixed bag of raving lunatics.
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