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  1. Neil, what about this one ? Fair to say the tune sticks in your mind
  2. CB, I know it's a cover, but that harpsichord and the guitar they swapped for the original wind instrument... the Stranglers made it their own tune, much as Jimi Hendrix made "All along the watchtower" his own by turbocharging Dylan's original. I still like the Brubeck original too.
  3. Magazine released Song from under the floorboards in 1980, so as far as I am concerned that redeems the eighties and all the dross from that decade is forgiven.
  4. An Italian guy, a Mexican guy and a Chinese guy are hired to do some construction labor. The Foreman pulls them together and says, “I need you three to move this big pile of sand to the other side of the jobsite.”He tells the Italian,”You’re in charge of shoveling the sand into the wheelbarrow.” He points at the Mexican. “You’re in charge of taking the sand to the other side and dumping it.” And he tells the Chinese guy, “The equipment is over there. You’re in charge of the supplies.” “Now, I’ll be back in an hour. Get to work!” When he returns, the Italian and the Mexican are still standing there and the Chinese guy is missing. “What the hell?”, says the Foreman. “Why haven’t you gotten started?” The Italian says, “Wella, itsa like dis, boss”...”I donta hava no shovel!” The Mexican says, “Senor! I no have el wheelbarrow!” The Foreman says, “Ok but where’s the Chinese guy?” At that moment, the Chinese guy jumps out from behind the pile of sand and yells, “Supplies!”
  5. All companies with brands are panicking fretting and flagellating themselves in their desperation not to be seen as "colonial" or "imperialist". Its pathetic, and painful to watch as they scrabble to see who is the most PC. They probably think " better safe than sorry" and choose to err on the side of timid kowtowing caution.
  6. The Stranglers released their version of Golden Brown in 1981, so the eighties can't be all bad
  7. Apparently the company who own the Uncle Ben brand food products have to decided to remove poor old Ben's face off the packaging as he's not politically correct enough. Now they are just going to be called "Ben's Original". No more Mr Rice Guy.
  8. You should do drugs more often Prof, they appear to make you into a surrealist poet.
  9. This is very much a long term thing, but maybe Australia could invest in the computer chip industry, and could start manufacturing. This way, if relations with China sour, and worst case scenario, China invades Taiwan and isolates South Korea, there is still a friendly face Britain and Europe can buy chips from.
  10. Reading the news regarding Fauci and his emails to the people running the Wuhan lab, rather than being a carefully managed conspiracy, it seems to be more like a string of very questionable decisions (Hey, let's do research on Gain of Function in viruses in a potentially hostile country who could potentially weaponise the result, what could possibly go wrong ?), followed by gross incompetence in the lab, than a panicked and very messy coverup plus a panicked approach to what could have been a leaked bioweapon. A conspiracy of dunces, a black comedy of errors.
  11. A Saudi prince requested that naked statues be covered up while he was visiting Rome. Apparently his 9 year old wife found them offensive.
  12. Apparently they are going to erect a statue of Vera Lynn. Don't know where, don't know when.
  13. Mr Lloyd Webber walks into a Burger King and says "Give me two whoppers" The clerk thinks for a moment and then replies "Okay, your music is great and you are a wonderful human being"
  14. Chris Whitty tells the best Coronavirus jokes. He has everyone in Tiers.
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