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  1. Fucking eh. Davina the fucking nose McCall.
  2. OMFG. This is one fucking cunt of a step too far for reality style TV. I'm genuinely traumatised and disgusted, even somewhat ashamed by what I've just seen. A naked 20 something lady cunt with a bat tattoo where her minge would normally reside, refering to her snatch as her "bat cave". Guys with their little teeny cocks out standing totally butt naked in the hope some ugly cunt of a cunting minger monger will pick them as a date. I had heard of this programme before but never got round to watching it....... until tonight that is. It's a dating type show where the person looking for a da
  3. You took the literal words right out of my cunting foul mouth. Nice one KB
  4. Proper cunt he is.
  5. Honestly. Come on fellas, you're all behaving like absolute cunts. It seems to me that there are a couple of cunts in particular on here that keep hijacking perfectly good cuntings to satisfy their desire to insult and belittle other cunters. STOP being CUNTS and Cunt up for cunts sake. I'm sick and tired of all the incestuous cunting. Cunts.
  6. Did I forget to mention you're a cunt. Sorry my memory doesn't serve me too well these days. I'll say it again for good measure, "you're a repugnant cunt".
  7. I fucking hate these adverts, give me the proper bollock ache they do. I mean what the fuck have Lexus got to do with anything and how the fuck are they "with you, getting you through together". I don't need a new cunting car and if I did it wouldnt be a fucking ridiculously overpriced piece of Japanese steel. I mean, seriously, who the fuck do they think they are, how will buying a Lexus help me get through this cunt pandemic bollocks. Fuck off Lexus and die a painful death. I hope you go fucking bust or worse yet you get bought out by Daewoo. Cunts.
  8. Ok. I'm keeping this short and sweet, contrary to Major (gay cunt who likes young men's arses) Cunts advice. Why the fuck would anyone care about the old girls birthday. Surely even her own son (Charles note her paedo son Andrew) is desperate for her to kick the proverbial bucket. Personally, I'm quite fond of the old lady and I certainly don't wish her any harm, but seriously does anyone give a fuck. I reckon she will be around well after her 100th. She will outlive everyone of us cunts, thats a given. Anyway,.....fuck off you miserable cunts.
  9. Blimey. I'm really impressed. My heart's bleeding. I'm off to go and top myself. Thanks fellow cunters, you've done yourselves proud. Cunts.
  10. My dearest Major (gay) Cunt, It is with great sadness that I feel the need to direct some more cunting your way. If I recall correctly, it is you who instigated this acrimonious and hostile dialogue. I came to this website with lashings of positivity, hoping to find like-minded individuals with whom I could converse with. Regrettably I was subjected to your brash and hubristic comments, which were in no way welcoming to a fellow newbie cunter. Perhaps you have graced the pages of this cunt website for many a moon more than I, but that my dear cunt does not maketh your actions right.
  11. Agreed. Wank material for that insignifcunt member who refers to himself as "Major Gay Cunt". He's made it quite clear he is a shit stabber of epic proportions. Boys.....back against the wall....the Major cunt is on his way.
  12. Bert Ford.. wtf. I had to Google the cunt as I've never heard of him. Get over yourself EoP. You're clearly an old codger cunt and you're totally removed from the wants of present day society. I don't see anything wrong with some limbless cunt presenting the weather, what ever happened to equal opportunities? Does it turn you on when some gay cunt strapped like a horse presents the weather. Does it bring out the raging homo in you and make you run to the bathroom to knock one out with that micro penis of yours. Total cunt and useless post. Go and save the little energy you have you geriat
  13. What is it with religious cunts. Are they just plane stupid and ignorant. I mean do they really believe any of the shit that some nonce or beaded peaceful preaches about. I've met some really intelligent people in my time who have surprised me by the simple fact that they actually believe in some sort of religion or another. I was raised a Catholic myself, did my communion and confirmation and then when I finally grew up and developed my own brain and crucially the ability to think for myself I quickly realised what a load of old cunt the whole thing is. Don't you just hate those cunts that so
  14. Listen you Major Cunt. Not every cunting requires a ten thousand word thesis. In fact some of the best cuntings are the short, sweet and simple ones. Who the fuck made you such an expert on the subject of cunting. I've read some of your posts and you're nothing special you twat of a cunt. You can fuck right off also, you absolute raging gay cunt. Go and cunt yourself.
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